homespot es la solución ideal para tener Internet en tu coche, tu caravana o en el camping. Con nuestro adaptador DC/DC para enchufes de 12 V homespot funciona en cualquier vehículo. Solo tienes que enchufar homespot a la corriente eléctrica y empezar a navegar.

Conecta tus dispositivos por WiFi y disfruta de una velocidad de hasta 300 Mbit/s

Llévate tu Internet de banda ancha, estés donde estés. ¿Suena bien verdad?

Comprueba si homespot se adapta a tus necesidades aprovechando el periodo de prueba de 21 días. Si no es así, te reintegramos el coste de alta.

Y lo mejor de todo: una tarifa flexible que te permite pagar solo lo que usas.

It´s a match!

Use homespot from anywhere in Spain and pay as you go. If you don´t use it you only pay a small maintenance fee. If you use data, the bill matches your monthly consumption. See for yourself:


Frequently asked questions

homespot is the new 4G Internet solution for all of Spain. Go online wherever you are and pay as you go. Enjoy your new freedom. homespot works anyplace with mobile network and electrical current.
homespot uses Vodafone´s 4G network. The maximum download speed is 300 Mbit/s and the maximum upload speed is 100 Mbit/s. The 4G broadband performance depends on the signal strength at your location.
homespot is optimized for daily use like surfing, E-Mail, WhatsApp, listening to music, watching your favorite TV shows or working from remote.
homespot has a one-time setup fee of € 49.90 (before 99,90 €. Promo is valid until de 31th of may), which will be charged through your credit card at the time of purchase. The monthly fee will be charged the same way.

Pay as you go, every month: € 9,90 if you don´t use data, € 29.90 if you use 0 to 100 GB and € 39.90 if you use to 300 GB.
If your monthly data volume of 300 GB has been spent, you will still be connected free of charge at a reduced rate of 100 Kbit/s, enough for sending text messages or E-Mails.
Gain control over your daily data consumption with our homespot app. Available in Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iPhone/iPad. Within the first 5 days of every month you will also receive a detailed bill in your E-Mail inbox.

Play Store (Android): homespot App

App Store (iOS): Soon available
Yes, you have a trial period of 21 days. Within this period, we will reimburse the setup fee after having received the router. This way you can test our service without any risk.
You are free to cancel homespot at any time by the end of each month. If you cancel within the first 12 months, you must return the router. After 12 months the router will be yours.
homespot will be delivered within 1-3 working days to Spain mainland, Balearic Islands and European countries and 5-14 working days to the Canary Islands.